Clowns Are Exploding!

How much crazier can my short stories get? Find out when you read “In A Green Dress, Surrounded By Exploding Clowns,” now available in WORDS magazine from Hex Publishers. You can check it out for free right here. It is definitely one of my wilder science fiction tales, and it’s a lot of fun…with a point. It’s set in a future world where social media have gotten out of control, and everyone’s life is crowd-sourced–as if, instead of just liking or commenting on Facebook, folks could dictate exactly what you do every day. A social media cop investigates a case of extreme hacking, in which people’s lives are maliciously ruined…and ends up in an insane and deadly situation of his own. And yes, exploding clowns are a big part of this situation! So if you like crazy stories, or shows like Black MirrorĀ that reflect the effects technology has on our lives, be sure to check out this tale at the very cool online WORDS magazine from Hex!

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