New Story Stings in “Breakout”

My new story, “In All Your Sparkling Raiment Soar,” appears in the latest Postscripts anthology from PS Publishing. Postscripts #34-35, titled Breakout, is now on sale right here at Amazon and here at PS Publishing’s online store. Here’s the awesome cover:


“In All Your Sparkling Raiment Soar” is an experimental scifi tale mixing prose and poetry to tell a twisted story of the very early days of humankind. Ever wonder why humans and bees are so closely entwined in the ecosystem of Earth? This story of love, alien science, and death provides the answers. It’s sad, romantic, and joyful all at once, and might make you look at life, the world, and the creatures in it in a whole new way. I hope you’ll give it a read, and support PS Publishing–one of the world’s great small presses for fantasy, horror, and science fiction–in the bargain.

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