Crime Stories Audiobook Now On Sale

Ready to listen to some action-packed crime stories read by a top vocal narrator? Then check out my brand-new audiobook, Six Crime Stories. You can order a copy right here on Amazon or right here on, then listen to these six cool stories on your favorite computer or mobile device. It’s the perfect way to put those holiday gift certificates to good use and get the new year off to a bang. Take a gander at the dynamite cover:

Six Crime Stories ACX Cover

The narrator, Ben Gorman, has done an amazing job with this collection of stories. I can’t wait for you to hear his work. Here’s a bit more about this edgy and compelling new audiobook: Witness some of the most twisted, mysterious, and thrilling stories ever to bloody a crime scene. Meet Johnny Murder, the baddest bad guy ever to rise from the dead on Bourbon Street (or did he?)…Jean-Claude, a waiter who’ll do anything to turn the tables on the competition…Buddy, the nastiest home invader ever to cross a threshold with knife in hand…Sister Mayhem, nun turned crime fighter…Mr. Mayflower, who’ll trade the cure for cancer in exchange for dirty deeds done at his command…and Eve, the first detective in history on the trail of the killer of her son, Abel.

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