Shake Your Scifi Booty: The Dancing Dead

Do you dig The Walking Dead? How about a different and much freakier kind of apocalypse, in which the only way to stay alive is to keep dancing? You can read all about it in my new story, The Dancing Dead, which is now on sale for the Kindle. Just search for it by name on your Kindle device or app or click right here. Meanwhile, get a load of the groovy cover by Britain’s one and only Blazin’ Ben Baldwin his own bad self!

The Dancing Dead CoverHere’s a bit more about the story, to whet your appetite: Dance or die! That’s the choice faced by victims of the Dance/Drop plague raging through the United States of tomorrow. Everyone in the nation dances nonstop, knowing all the while that as soon as they quit moving, they will die an agonizing and senseless death. What triggered this nightmarish marathon remains unknown…at least until Laurette, a dancer with a dark past, is swept to the West Coast as part of a mysterious migration that reveals the secret behind the plague. Can she survive attacks by brutal fanatics and disease-control warriors long enough to embrace her twisted destiny at the end of the biggest, and deadliest, dance number of all time?

This story is just as crazy as it sounds…but it’s also unlike anything you’re likely to read in the scifi aisle just now. So boogie on down to your Kindle and check it out! Coming soon to other formats near you…

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