Music Monday: Beatles to Foster the People

Once a week, on Mondays (unless something comes up), I have a guitar lesson with Bob Bretz, a guitar virtuoso who gives lessons in my hometown.  I’m not very serious about it, I admit, and I never practice enough, but I still enjoying playing and learning.  Bob always manages to come up with something cool for me to work on, and I thought I’d share a bit in case you’re interested.  In today’s lesson, he put together a few jazz chording exercises, which are fairly challenging, plus an arrangement of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” which is easier and more fun.  Here’s the first page, which I’ve just started practicing:

2014.003.0240001Yeah, Bob’s got a unique notation style, but it really works after you get used to it.  I get a kick out of learning from him…and just listening, when he spontaneously cuts loose on a song, and I’m lucky enough to be there and hear the performance.

Music Monday was extra cool today because a new CD just arrived in the mail–Supermodel by Foster the People.  I really liked their first album, Torches, and couldn’t resist ordering the follow-up when it became available.  They’ve got a fun, upbeat style, though their lyrics can be pretty dark, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the cuts on this new recording.

Long live Music Monday!

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