“The Spinach Can’s Son” Free Audio Story on StarShip Sofa

You’ve got to love a podcast called StarShip Sofa, right? It’s a very cool name for a world-renowned series featuring free science fiction tales in audio form from a wide range of authors. It’s been around for quite a while, too; in fact, the current episode is number 323…and it showcases one of my stories, “The Spinach Can’s Son.” You can give it a listen right here. If you ask me, the narrator, Graeme Dunlop, does a brilliant job of reading this story and really making it sing. Here’s the cover image from this latest edition of StarShip Sofa:


“The Spinach Can’s Son” originally appeared in print in the first issue of Galaxy’s Edge, edited by mighty Mike Resnick. It’s a fun story about a “panelnaut” exploring the “Underfunnies”…a mysterious realm where comic strips come to life, though they don’t always work the way they should.  The hero’s wife, also a panelnaut, chases him from one comic strip world to the next, fighting to bring him home…but he has other ideas that could change their lives forever.

I hope you’ll give “The Spinach Can’s Son” a listen, and that you’ll stick around for more great stories from StarShip Sofa in podcasts to come. The team working on this show does a wonderful job of presenting imaginative science fiction in a professional and entertaining way.

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