Once Upon an Audiobook in the West

Saddle up for the audiobook edition of my Western saga, The Slaughterers, now on sale!  You’ll be treated to a larger-than-life cowboy hero…a truly vile pack of villains…a climactic shootout in the streets of a dusty Arizona town…and more surprises than you can shake a saddle at.  Order a copy right here from Amazon, right here from Audible, and watch for an upcoming edition from Apple iTunes.  Check out the rootin’-tootin’ cover by unbridled Ben Baldwin his own bad self:

The Slaughterers ACX NewHere’s a bit about the story to whet your consarned appetite, pardner: A gang of vicious scalpers roams the Arizona territory in the Old West, slaughtering town after town. Only one man stands in their way: a sword-wielding Arabian knight named Badr al-Medina. To stop the scalpers’ killing spree, Badr makes a stand at the next town in their path, Oasis…only to find the place hip-deep in corruption that could turn his fight into a suicide mission. But surprising new allies give Badr fresh hope, as he unleashes the power of his Damascus steel sword, his six-shooter revolvers, and his fiery faith in an all-out war in the blood-soaked streets of Oasis.

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