Pinstriped Finger Will Be Music To Your Ears

You’ve heard people say “talk to the hand,” right?  Well, why not listen to the finger?  The audiobook edition of one of my wildest and most exciting novels is now on sale, and it stars a finger with a mind (and attitude!) of his own.  It’s called A Pinstriped Finger’s My Only Friend, and here’s the awesome cover art by beatific Ben Baldwin his own bad self:

Pinstriped ACX Cover v2You can order a copy right here at Amazon and right here at Audible.  An Apple edition will arrive any day now, too.  The narration and production by Jeff Bower are spectacular, trust me.  This book goes in tons of fun and unexpected directions, and Jeff makes every last one of them an unforgettable experience, complete with top-notch voice acting and special effects.

A Pinstriped Finger’s My Only Friend has been described as “The Hunger Games on acid.”  Here’s a bit about the story, to get your own fingers twitching:  Judd the popular 17-year-old jock has it all figured out. He’s the star of his school, the top of the heap…but then the world starts changing around him and won’t stop. Without explanation, everyone turns into purple furries…then gas-blasting puffballs…then neurotic lizards. Every time Judd falls asleep, he wakes up in a new and crazier world–a world of godlike super-teens, teenage serial killers, duck people, monsters, and more. The rules never stop changing, and the only thing he can depend on is his talking pinky finger with a major attitude. Together, he and Pinkerton (the finger prefers the name “Killdigit”) fight through the parade of crazy realities, seeking a way to get back to normal. But what if normal just isn’t an option anymore?

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