Guns Blaze in New Western, “The Slaughterers”

In the mood for an action-packed Western novella with some thrilling twists?  Then I hope you’ll check out my new e-book from Pie Press, The Slaughterers.  Here’s the awesome cover by blazing Ben Baldwin his own bad self:

The Slaughterers

You can find The Slaughterers here for the Kindle and Kindle apps, here for the Nook and Nook apps, here for the Kobo and Kobo apps, and here on Smashwords. You can also search for it by name on your favorite device and will soon be able to find it in your local library using the Overdrive or 3M Cloud Library systems.

Let me tell ya about the story, pardner:  A gang of vicious scalpers roams the Arizona territory in the Old West, slaughtering town after town. Only one man stands in their way: a sword-wielding Arabian knight named Badr al-Medina. To stop the scalpers’ killing spree, Badr makes a stand at the next town in their path, Oasis…only to find the place hip-deep in corruption that could turn his fight into a suicide mission. But surprising new allies give Badr fresh hope, as he unleashes the power of his Damascus steel sword, his six-shooter revolvers, and his fiery faith in an all-out war in the blood-soaked streets of Oasis.

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