Last Hours Until The End!

The end is near!  At midnight on Sunday, August 18, my Kickstarter graphic novel campaign will roar to a close!  But there’s still time for you to become a backer and help the Hell’s Treasure graphic novel become a reality.  Here’s the awesome title image by the book’s artist, Mighty Megan Levens!

Hell's Treasure

Consider joining our team, especially since this the only guaranteed prize Kickstarter project (that I know of)!  Usually, if a Kickstarter doesn’t meet its funding goals, no one gets a prize…but my “win-win” project is a different animal.  Even if we don’t meet our funding goal, all donors who don’t cancel their pledges will get a cool prize no matter what!  So I hope you’ll take a look, consider donating, and spread the word to anyone you know.  Click right here to follow the link to the Hell’s Treasure Kickstarter campaign page.

Here’s a bit about the story: It’s all about Shaw, a teenage girl who can communicate with architecture–everything from buildings to bridges–and make it do her bidding.  Her power can’t save her parents from dying in a car crash…but maybe she can bring them back. A boy named Aaron, with powers of his own, takes her on a quest to seize the keys to Heaven.  Angels fight like hell to stop them. Only boy genius John Halcyon, an exile from Heaven, knows the secret behind their struggle: that Heaven is humanity’s rightful home, and Shaw is destined to tear down the walls keeping out the human race.

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