Time as an Entree; Audio for Dessert

A science fiction story of mine, “Time, Expressed As An Entree,” is slated for the upcoming anthology Fiction River: Time Streams from WMG publishing. You can also hear the audio version of the story in full by checking out the WMG podcast site right here. The story’s about a great beast that devours all time across parallel universes, until he meets up with a stranger in a strange reality, a woman from our own homeworld who’s been to hell and back–and has a thing or two to teach him about the true nature of the time he’s been gobbling up. As mentioned in the introduction to my story, I wrote it “to play with the nature of time itself, exploring the perception of time versus the reality of it.” I also wanted to pit a multi-cosmic, omni-powerful leviathan against an Earth woman and see who ended up winning the day. I hope you’ll check it out, and have as much fun listening to it as I had writing it.

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