Gods Abducted By Alien Beings? It Happens Here!

In the world of ReDeus, after an event known as The Return, the gods have come back from points unknown to dominate the Earth. Would alien abductions still happen in post-Return America, in a country ruled by omni-powerful gods and roamed by mystically-attuned divine entities?  Better yet, could the gods and divine entities themselves ever be the victims of abductions? These are the questions at the heart of my new story, “Chariots of the Godless,” for the great new anthology, ReDeus: Native Lands, from Crazy 8 Press. Here’s a glimpse of the awesome cover:

Native-Lands-front-cover-e1374587260466You can order a paperback copy of the book right here on Amazon or order the e-book version right here.  Find the Nook e-book version right here at Barnes and Noble. Here’s a link to blog I wrote about it, in which I tell the story of my own experience with alien abduction obsessions, and how it inspired “Chariots of the Godless.”

Here’s a bit more about the story: When gods are abducted on American soil by beings who seem to be extraterrestrials, Division G (the gods’ own law enforcement branch) calls in abduction expert Dr. Hector Nessus. Nessus and Division G’s Captain Mayet track the missing gods and their captors across the desert Southwest, fighting a desperate battle to rescue the abductees…and discover the sinister secret behind the aliens’ terrifying raids.

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