My Graphic Novel Kickstarter Project Is Live!

The new Kickstarter project for my graphic novel, Hell’s Treasure, has just gone live!  Click right here to check it out!  And here’s the awesome title image by the book’s artist, Mighty Megan Levens!


The Kickstarter site includes a video, a description of the project, and lots of Hell’s Treasure artwork by Megan.  It took tons of time and effort to put together, but now that it’s done and out there, I’m really excited.  I think it’s come together well, and I’m looking forward to watching the project grow.

I hope you’ll join Team Hell’s Treasure and make my dream graphic novel a reality…plus grab up all kinds of crazy reward swag for your own bad self.  There are lots of great prizes available at the different backing levels, everything from signed copies of Hell’s Treasure to customized illustrations and cameo appearances in the book.

I’ll be especially grateful if you spread the word about this project to anyone who might be interested, and encourage them to do the same.  The success of Hell’s Treasure truly depends on you and yours.

Here’s a bit about the story: It’s all about Shaw, a teenage girl who can communicate with architecture–everything from buildings to bridges–and make it do her bidding.  Her power can’t save her parents from dying in a car crash…but maybe she can bring them back. A boy named Aaron, with powers of his own, takes her on a quest to seize the keys to Heaven.  Angels fight like hell to stop them. Only boy genius John Halcyon, an exile from Heaven, knows the secret behind their struggle: that Heaven is humanity’s rightful home, and Shaw is destined to tear down the walls keeping out the human race.

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