Warning! Do Not Read This Post!

Why shouldn’t you read this post? Because it might lead you to buy and read my latest e-book, which could be hazardous to your mental health! The book, Warning! Do Not Read This Story!, is on sale now for the Kindle, Nook, and other devices. Here’s the shockingly good cover by the one and only Big, Bad Ben Baldwin his own damn self:

You can order a copy right here for the Kindle, here for the Nook, and here for other devices. But I’d think twice, if I were you.  This story has a warning in the title for a reason. Dare to ignore it, and you’ll be sorry. You might find it sticks in your head in ways you won’t like, making you do things you’ll regret. One thing’s for sure: it will change your life for the worse if you let it. Do yourself a favor and pass this one by; save your money for the latest harmless trifle that you won’t lose any sleep over. If you’re foolhardy enough to read this anyway, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself for what happens to you. An unhappy ending is guaranteed…though rumor has it that a pair of would-be mystic problem solvers might have forced their way in and neutered this sick saga. Is it worth risking everything to read it and find out? Only if the height of stupidity is your middle name! Because if you get inside, and the story isn’t neutered after all, it’ll be too late to save your sorry butt. So consider yourself warned! They call this a “dark fantasy,” but it’s way too real and much too dark for any “fantasy!” So be smart and DO NOT READ THIS STORY! Get out while you still can! And if you decide to read it anyway, good luck! You’re making the biggest mistake of your life.

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