India Connection

One of my stories, “Playing Doctor,” appears in the current edition of Indian SF, a free online science fiction and fantasy magazine based in India.  This is my first publication in India, so I’m very excited. Click right here to check out the story and magazine, which is very nicely produced and presented. Here’s the lovely cover of issue 2, in which my story appears:

And here’s a bit about the plot of my story, “Playing Doctor”:  Can a gnarly lab assistant find love with his smoking hot mad scientist boss? Faithful lab lackey Glugor lusts after sexy Dr. Medici, but Dr. M only cares about taking over the world. She uses him like a glorified guinea pig, turning him into rampaging monsters and strapping him into inventions gone horribly wrong. Poor Glugor takes the heat when the doomsday schemes blow up in his face…but can even the power of his secret passion stand between Dr. M and the deadliest doom of all? It might take a monster of an experiment to build the heart Glugor needs to save his heart’s desire.

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