Merry PiePressmas!

Even if you’re a late shopper, you can still order up the perfect e-books for the reader on your list! Pie Press offers a whole slew of titles in a wide range of genres for you to gift or load on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, or other device. Here are a few recommendations you might like; just search for them by name on your device or website. You can also find links via my author page on Amazon right here. And now, the books:

Mystery: Death by Polka

Plot: Who killed Polish Lou, the famous Prince of Polka Music? His daughter, musicologist Lottie Kachowski, comes home to the polka heartland of New Krakow, Pennsylvania, to find the answer. Lottie has an unbeatable talent for using music to solve crimes, and she does just that on the trail of her father’s killer. But the stakes turn deadlier than ever when another polka legend comes to a tragic end. As the danger rises, Lottie recruits her father’s wacky girlfriend, Polish Peg, to help her dig deeper into the wild world of small town polka. The investigation takes some fancy footwork, as Lottie dances her way through a maze of local rivalries and alliances to unearth the darkest secrets of friends and neighbors. At the same time, she fights to keep from getting dragged back into the polka scene she left behind long ago, though her father’s will names her his successor as head of his polka empire. Ducking her legacy while catching a killer is the challenge of a lifetime, but with help from Polish Peg, an old boyfriend, and a mysterious cat called Ghost, Lottie might just stand a chance of cracking the case. She puts everything on the line, even as the killer puts her in his sights, and she won’t give up. Because when you’ve got polka in your blood, you just know the bad guy’s going to face the music.

Urban Fantasy: Earthshaker

 Plot:  Sexy private eye Gaia Charmer brings new meaning to the words “Earth Angel.”  This mysterious (and bipolar) bombshell has the power of the Earth itself at her fingertips, but the murder of her best friend knocks her world off its axis.  Out for blood on the killer’s trail, Gaia and a tough-as-nails rock hound sheriff must overcome Landkind–a secret society of movers and shakers with the hearts and minds of landforms (mountains, rivers, islands, etc.)–and a vicious enemy with the key to her true identity.  She risks everything to reclaim her legacy as Mother Earth in human form.  A woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders in more ways than one.

Science Fiction: Resist the Red Battlenaut

Plot: The Red Battlenauts show no mercy. Roaring out of the darkness of deep space, these ultra-high tech war machines pound the hell out of both sides in a bloody interstellar civil war. No one can even SEE the Reds–no one except Marine Corporal Solomon Scott. Recruited by the hardcore SEAL-like Diamondbacks, Scott becomes a secret weapon in the ultimate struggle for survival. In battle after battle on perilous alien worlds, Scott and the Diamondbacks fight back against the ruthless Reds, desperately holding the line in furious clashes of muscle and metal. But when a face from the past exposes the secrets behind the carnage, a quest for answers becomes a race against time. Because the masters of the Red Battlenauts have more on their minds than a thirst for conquest…and only Solomon Scott can hope to stand against them. In the galaxy’s darkest hour, the highest stakes imaginable drive this hero in Battlenaut armor to seize his destiny. But can he overcome a soul-searing betrayal that strikes out of nowhere like the Reds themselves? Only by crushing the monsters of his own dark past can Scott vanquish the forces blasting humanity to the brink of annihilation.

Kids: Tommy Puke and the Boy with the Golden Barf

Plot: Who’s the grossest kid in the world?  Tommy Puke, that’s who!  He fights off bullies with his mighty loogies…conquers jerks with his powerful farts…and sticks up for his pet skunk by driving off wild dogs with his blistering bad breath.  What happens when he takes his new friend, Josh, on an epic quest to find the fabled prince of vomit, who might just be Tommy’s brother?  Action, laughs, and more disgusting gross-outs than you can shake a booger at!  Will Tommy and Josh find the prince, otherwise known as the Boy with the Golden Barf?  Will his golden barf make them rich?  Will he welcome Tommy Puke to the family?  Or will Tommy and Josh find themselves in over their heads in the sewer in a deadly battle with the only person more stomach-turning than Tommy?  One thing is for sure:  the puke, boogers, loogies, poop, and goop will fly!  And Josh must gain the power of the secret Eighth Emanation—a magic bodily fluid far grosser than any known to mankind—to stand a chance of surviving.

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