A Bear in a Sweater?

Have you ever heard of a bear wearing a sweater? Well, you’ll find one in my new fantasy e-book, The Bear in the Cable-Knit Sweater. You can buy a copy for $1.99 right here for the Kindle, here for the Nook, here for the Kobo, and here for other devices…or you can search for it by name on iTunes. Without further adieu, get a load of the beauteous cover by Bounding Ben Baldwin his own bad self:

What’s it all about, you say? It’s definitely not your run of the mill, humdrum story. I think it’s safe to say you’ll find some crazy plot twists that you won’t see coming. Here’s a bit about the story to whet your appetite for this unique fantasy tale:  The burly, furry members of the International Bear Brotherhood can’t resist a pitcher of beer or a knock-down-drag-out bar brawl. But the fun’s over when one of their own disappears without a trace, causing his lover, Angus, to set out on a quest to find him at any cost. Hairy as a real bear because of a medical condition, Angus roams the urban wilderness like a grizzly on the trail…until the trail finally leads him into a nightmare world where everything he knows and loves is on the line. Transformed in ways he never imagined, Angus faces a savage end unless he can rise up to claim the heritage that only a Bear like him could ever hope to master.

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