Audiobook Prices Slashed This Week!

Now’s your chance to check out some really cool audiobooks at a really nice price! is having a huge sale this week, slashing prices of certain titles to just $5.95 (even less for members)…and my own audiobooks are among them! So if you’ve been thinking about listening to some of my work, now’s the perfect time to do it. Just follow this link right here, which leads to a page where you can search for all my currently available audiobooks. Then follow the links that come up after your search to check out each book. My sale-prices books include The Masked Family (for adults) and Dolphin Knight (for middle-grade or young adult readers), among others. (I’ve added links in the titles here in this entry, so you can just follow those, if you like.) So I hope you’ll stop by and order up some cool audiobooks to kick off the coming Autumn season! Here are the covers of the two books mentioned above, both by Boisterous Ben Baldwin his own bad self:

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