What an evening!  A series of insane thunderstorms blew through town, starting around 4:30, tearing down trees, power lines, phone lines, rooftops, you name it.  Just getting around was a major hassle, with roads blocked all around Johnstown.  But the biggest damage for me was the Fed Ex package that apparently blew away from my front porch during the conflagration.  This package contained very important documents related to the culmination of a longtime career goal of mine…and now they’re gone.  Tomorrow, I’ll comb the wooded hillside across the street and look around the neighborhood, but in the meantime, knowing I’ve lost them is driving me crazy.  These papers related directly to something I’ve worked years to achieve.  According to Fed Ex, they were delivered this afternoon…but I can find no trace of them.  It’s unreal.  It’s so freakishly, impossibly coincidental that it doesn’t seem it could have happened.  That after all the work it took to make those papers a reality, a crazy storm would blow up at the exact time when they were sitting on the front porch, waiting to be blown away.  What can I say but WTF?  See you soon.

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