Revisions Revisions

I’m still revising that novel I posted about the other day, trying to bring it up to speed and make it live up to the potential of its great central idea.  I haven’t been able to find much time for it, though; just too much other stuff going on.  I hardly did a lick of writing-related work during Easter weekend, and this week has just been crazy busy with other stuff.  Maybe during the coming weekend I’ll find enough time to make a big dent in it.  Because I’d really like to finish this and get it back out in circulation.  It’s been exactly a year since I last sent it out to an editor or agent, which is a heck of a long time.  The truth is, though, I believe in this book, and I think it deserves a chance.  If a week or two of work can breathe life into it, the effort will be well worth it.  See you soon.

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