Still Churning

I put in some time tonight working on revising the novel I wrote about in yesterday’s post.  I enjoyed it, too.  It’s hard work, of course, but the novel’s funnier and weirder than I remembered.  There are some catastrophic tonal shifts between the parallel plots, and I know it might still be a hard sell…but I’m proud of it.  Prouder now that I’ve fixed some of the the problems and am on track to fix others, but proud also at a basic level when considering the whole project.  I can honestly say it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before.  So I’m going to continue editing and revising in the days to come, then pound away at the new marketing materials, and who knows?  Maybe some enlightened editor somewhere will decide to take a chance on this big ball o’ craziness and profundity.  See you soon!

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