Reworking a Novel

I guess I’ve decided what my next project will be.  After much consideration, I’ve picked a longstanding item from my to-do list…a novel in need of a polish.  This one has been sitting on the back burner for a while now, since last May.  I submitted it to a workshop then and was quite surprised when the novel got body-slammed by the instructors and fellow workshoppers.  Since then, I’ve made some changes to follow what seem to be the most beneficial workshop comments…but I did take the negative reviews hard and have had some trouble finishing up.  At this point, though, it seems enough time has passed that I’ve gotten past some of the raw emotion and have developed “fresh eyes” to some extent.  So for the next week or so, I plan to polish this book as best I can, rewrite the proposal from scratch, and rewrite the query from scratch, too.  (Might take more than a week, to tell you the truth.)  Then, I plan to submit the rewritten query to some editors who might enjoy the project.  Maybe I’ll have better luck this time.  When I sent the novel around the first time, I didn’t get many positive responses.  It would be good to get this one back in circulation.  Especially because now that I look at it with some of the changes I’ve made, I’m thinking it’s actually pretty good.  See you soon.

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