Human Barometer

I seem to be a human barometer sometimes.  When a storm’s on the way, I get sinus headaches.  When the weather’s shifting or the seasons are changing, I get headaches or pains in my joints.  In fact, that’s what’s going on right now.  My left knee is hurting, and an old running injury in my right foot is acting up, as it does from time to time.  Spring is nearly here, I can feel it.  No surprise that we’re due for some incredibly warm weather this Easter weekend…lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s.  My joints are telling me it’s on its way.  Does this mean I’m getting old and arthritic?  I sure hope not.  I’ve always had pains of one kind or another; these aren’t so bad, compared to the ones I used to get.  Bring on the Spring!  See you soon!

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