Project Guilt

Right now, I’m between big writing projects, and I’m feeling guilty because of it.  It’s been two months since I finished my most recent long-form job, a graphic novel.  I feel like I should have leaped ahead by now into the next novel project.  Now, it’s true that I’ve hardly been fallow during these two months.  I’ve written short stories, a comic book script, story pitches, novel queries, and more.  I’ve published e-books, attended a workshop, and set up meetings for a trip to New York City at the end of April.  So yes, I’ve gotten a lot done.  I’ve taken important steps in my writing career.  But still…that guilt keeps nagging at me.  My goal for this year is to write three novels (and/or graphic novels).  To reach that goal, I need to get my next book in motion pretty darn quickly.  I know what it’s going to be; I just have to get the ball rolling.  Then again, I do have more New York prep to attend to, and another short story to write, and a proposal to crank out, and and and…you get the picture.  See you soon.

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