Rose-Head Debuts!

This just in!  My story, “Why the Cop With a Rose for a Head Wears a Rose-Head Mask,” appears in volume 3 of the StoryOrgy e-book series from Tsetse Press!  It is one way-out, freaky, funky story about a rose-headed cop on a mission, and it goes like this:

In a world where everyone has a flower for a head, who can stop the serial killer called the Pruner?  Enter Inspector Glisten, a hard-boiled, two-fisted, rose-headed cop who’ll stop at nothing to cut down the Pruner.  But when the trail leads to a seedy underworld he never imagined, Glisten gets in way over his rose-head.  His rosy world blows apart in an explosion of deadly flower power, leaving Inspector Glisten to fight for his life with guns blazing against a harvest of terror that could bring everything he knows and loves crashing down around him.

You can order this thrilling and twisted tale right here.  With its green cover, it will make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day e-book gift for that special o’someone.  Just take a gander at this freakishly awesome cover:

That Ben Baldwin sure can whip up a cover, can’t he?  Track down this e-book and give it a read; you won’t be sorry.  Your mind might be blown, but in a good way!  See you soon!

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