“Fear of Rain” Now Available!

Another story of mine is now available at Smashwords.com!  This story, “Fear of Rain,” revolves around a sorcerous water-maker, Mr. Flood, and his efforts to conjure up a fourth flood to wipe out the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Only his young protege, Dee, stands a chance of stopping the rain in a cataclysmic battle in the heart of the storm to end all storms.

Coincidentally enough, “Fear of Rain” hits Smashwords during what could be the wettest, rainiest weekend in ages.  Forecasters are calling for plenty of flooding throughout Western Pennsylvania.  Hopefully, Mr. Flood won’t wreak his wicked mischief and bring down the deluge on our own beloved Johnstown.

You can find “Fear of Rain” right here.  At a mere 99 cents for just about any electronic format you could want, I can’t think of a finer St. Patrick’s Day present.  Thanks to the fine folks at Tsetse Press for rolling out “Fear of Rain” as the latest in their StoryOrgy series of in-your-face shockers.  Have a gander at the lovely cover by dashing David Kendall, why dontcha…

Try it, you’ll like it!  See you soon!

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