Double Dining Day

Looking forward to two meals on the town with great company tomorrow!  First, I’ll be having lunch at the Szechuan restaurant with a gang of pranksters from the day job.  We always have a great time at the “Szech,” especially clowning around with the owner, Sam Chen.  It’s always a blast baiting Sam and having him come back at us with crazy quips and wisecracks.  Then, tomorrow evening, I’ll be having dinner at our world-class Mexican restaurant, Rey Azteca, with local New York Times-bestselling author Bill Keith and his girlfriend, Brea Ludwigsen.  They’re good people and highly entertaining…plus, they always provide new insights into the world of writing and publishing.  After all, Bill has written (and published) over a hundred books!  He’s a lot further down the road of the writing career than I am, so I always learn a lot from my conversations with him.  So tomorrow, as crazy busy as it might be at the day job, still holds the promise of fun and good food.  See you soon.

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