Worn. Out.

This week has kicked my butt.  I’m seriously dragging at this point and looking forward to the weekend to recharge, clear the decks, and somehow find my lost motivation.  I’ve been back from the workshop since Tuesday, and I haven’t written a bloody thing.  Usually, I come back rejuvenated, but this one left me beat.  I’ve got so much weariness and uncertainty in my head and my heart that I’m having a real problem getting back to writing fiction.  Somehow, I need to find my mojo again.  Or a different, more resilient mojo to replace the one I’ve lost.  Either way, my expectations for the weekend are high, so let’s hope I live up to them.  Because I’ve got some very cool work to do and I’m very jazzed about it.  Wish me luck!  See you soon!

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