Back from the Workshop!

I’m back!  Yep, I made it back from the big workshop I attended last weekend in Oregon.  It was a great experience, working on new fiction with guidance from some ultra-qualified editor/authors.  I came up with some wild ideas, did some great networking, and got some help diagnosing a few problems I’ve encountered with my short stories.  In other words, it was a wonderful experience, well worth the cost and trouble of traveling from Johnstown, Pennsylvania all the way to Lincoln City, Oregon.  Now that I’m back, I’m pulling together my to-do lists, reviewing my workshop notes, and getting ready to fire full speed ahead on the next raft of projects I’ve been planning.  There’s some truly cool stuff on the way, let me tell you.  Now if I can just squeeze in 8-10 more hours in a day.

Speaking of cool stuff, the new book from Hadley-Rille, Destination Future, is now available from Amazon right here.  My story in this volume, “One Awake in All the World,” got an awesome call-out in a starred review from Publishers Weekly, so you ought to check it out.  Here’s a peek at the cover.  See you soon!

Destination Future

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