Packing Blues

Why is it that no matter how far in advance I start packing for a trip, I still end up scrambling around at the last minute, pulling together things I’ve forgotten?  I do drive myself crazy like that.  This time, for example, I started gathering odds and ends a week ago…actually loaded my suitcase over the weekend…and I’m still remembering stuff I left out.  I’m even rethinking my entire packing strategy, which could be a nightmare.  See, I’m only going for a few days, so I’ve been planning to take only my carryon bag and backpack.  But the thing is, I’ll be flying Southwest Airlines, where your first two checked bags fly free of charge.  So as I’m cramming stuff in this little carryon bag, I’m thinking why not take advantage of the free bags policy?  But the whole idea was to speed up my entry and exit at the airports, since I won’t have to wait an hour for the baggage carousel to roll out my checked bag.  And the fact is, I only need a few things for this trip, so why load myself down?

So do you see why I drive myself crazy?  What I really need to do right now is toss my electronics in my backpack, zip it up, and hit the hay.  Forget about the alternate packing strategies and travel according to my wife’s favorite plan:  if it ain’t packed, we’ll buy it when we get there.  Because at some point, you just have to quick fussing around.  See you soon!

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