One Good Deed

Sometimes, all it takes is one person doing one good deed to turn me around.  It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in my day-to-day problems, to forget to look beyond my minute-by-minute frustrations and struggles…but then, someone will turn around and do something nice for me, out of the blue, and I’ll remember that things aren’t so bad.  It makes me feel less alone in this life, in this world, and it reminds me to take a harder look at the way I treat the people around me, which isn’t always so good.  When you’re intensely driven, like I am, to achieve a certain goal, it can be easy to overlook the way you treat others; anything not directly related to attaining your goal state can seem superfluous.  “Lose all that which does not contribute to the cause of excellence,” right?  But the goal state isn’t really what life is about.  And all it takes is for one person to treat me with kindness to remind me about that…which is exactly what happened today.  See you soon.

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