Time Crunching Cooties

No matter how hard I try, I can’t make a dent in my to-do list.  I’m working hard at the day job, working hard at home, and I just can’t seem to break even, let alone get ahead.  That old bugaboo of mine, the dreaded time management, continues to make me crazy.  I wonder how other people do it, getting everything under the sun done while also raising kids and maintaining countless hobbies and volunteer work.  I’m truly amazed at other folks’ capabilities on the time management front, because I’m honestly working as hard as I can, and I just can’t get everything done.  In fact, I’m experiencing that classic catastrophe that has haunted me for decades:  my to-do lists have piled up and become so jam-packed that I can no longer make sense of them.  Time for a deck-clearing, I suppose, so I can attempt to finish some of the tasks on my lists and move forward with new assignements.  Like keeping up with this blog, for one!  See you soon!

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