Serial Killer on Sale in Time for Val Day!

“The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe” can be yours!  This wild and offbeat science fiction horror story is now available on right here!  You can preview the story and pick up a copy on Scribd for a mere $1.00!  Can you think of a more perfect Valentine’s Day gift than a copy of this mind-blowing e-book from Tsetse Press?  Here’s the plot summary:  “The alien Ectozoids can’t bear to kill, and their enemies are out for blood. Who better than Earth’s top serial killer, Luther Paraclete, to awaken their killer instincts? How was he to know they’d turn into such eager students? When a planet of peace becomes a blood-soaked nightmare, does the world’s greatest serial killer have a chance in hell of surviving?”  Sounds like an awesome Valentine’s Day fable, doesn’t it?

“The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe” appeared originally in Postscripts magazine…but the cool thing about this new release is that this is the uncut version of the story, with several thousand words restored.  I think they’re some of the best words of the story, and I think you’re going to love them.

This is all part of the StoryOrgy project from Tsetse Press, “a series of in-your-face shockers with teeth from masters of the modern mind-freak.”  My next appearance in StoryOrgy, coming soon, will be the uncut version of “Fear of Rain,” which first appeared in print in England and Russia and was nominated for the British Fantasy Award.

Scribd is just the first place where you’ll be able to pick up a copy of “The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe.”  I’ll have more news about other online venues in days to come.  So stay tuned!  And seriously, spread the word to anyone who might be interested in some way-out e-book fiction at a great price.  See you soon!

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