Lost Starts Tomorrow!

Finally, after what felt like a century of waiting, the new season of LOST is about to begin!  I’m already on the edge of my seat, wondering where they’ll go after that incredible cliffhanger last season.  The cool thing is, the folks involved with the show have imposed a total spoiler blackout.  They want everyone to enjoy the shocks and surprises at once, when the show is first broadcast.  What a cool way to maintain suspense!  I wish more TV series and movies would follow this example.  It’s getting harder and harder to avoid spoilers these days, which really take the fun right out of surprising shows and films.  There’s nothing as wonderfully memorable as having your mind blown by a cool surprise that you didn’t see coming.  Anywho, onward to the season premiere of LOST!  You just know it’s going to be awesome!  See you soon!

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