Classic Avoidance

Right now, I should be writing a story for the upcoming workshop I’ll be attending.  Correction:  I should have finished the story, which is due February 15.  (More like 3-4 days before that, since I have to snail mail it to the editor.)  Instead, I’ve been sitting here brainstorming my next novel!  It’s classic avoidance:  when the pressure’s on, I procrastinate and avoid.  I’ll work on anything but the thing I should be working on, following the credo that a writer must never look a gift muse in the mouth.  When the ideas come, let ’em come!  Get ’em down!  Who knows if they’ll come exactly the same way again?  But it’s frustrating when the most time critical project ends up relegated to the back burner.  One way or another, I need to plunk my butt in my chair and start writing the story this weekend, no matter how much other stuff threatens to distract me.  I must prevail!  See you soon!

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