I haven’t written a lick in 3 days, and it’s making me crazy!  My productivity has been at a standstill since Sunday, when I finished the first draft of the graphic novel…which is normal, I know that, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few days off.  In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of mental work that’s specifically aimed at shifting gears from the graphic novel to my next project, a short story for a workshop.  When I’ve been slamming on a certain project of a certain type for several months, and then I have to jump to something very different, mental recalibration can be necessary.  Brainstorming and planning have been happening, too, so I haven’t exactly been completely dormant…but I’m so driven to produce, because I recognize it’s the only road to success, that it makes me nuts to have unplanned zero-writing days.  And here I am on day 3, and I already know tomorrow will be a zero-writing day, too, because I’m going out for a beverage after work in honor of a departing co-worker and friend.  Hence the title of this post:  ARRGGH pretty much sums up my feelings right about now.  But hopefully, the weekend will bring brainstorming breakthroughs and productivity aplenty.  Fingers crossed!  See you soon.

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