Full Steam Ahead

After finishing the first draft of the graphic novel, I had a little down time Monday, then started getting back up to speed again today.  In addition to getting the graphic novel manuscript printed and bound for my first reader to review, I resubmitted some short stories that had been collecting dust for a bit, did a little market research, and revised and submitted some pitches for a very exciting project that’s been percolating away.  Just as I finished all this and hit “send” on the revised pitches, I got the workshop assignment I’d been rushing to beat!  So the timing worked out just fine after all.  I’d been working hard to finish the graphic novel and pitches before the assignment, and the assignment rolled in just as I cleared the decks.  Now it’s full steam ahead on the assignment!  I love having multiple projects in quick succession like this!  Wish me luck!  See you soon.

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