Wanted is Wanted

I just got around to seeing the film Wanted on DVD, and I really wanted to hate it.  I loved the original graphic novel by Mark MIllar, and I knew the movie had taken extreme liberties with the original work.  For whatever reason, the screenwriters and producers had decided to change the plot in a big way, so the main character gets involved with a fraternity of assassins insted of an association of super-villains.  So I went in with a chip on my shoulder…but the movie turned out to be excellent.  Plot revamps aside, it was an awesome and highly original action movie in every respect.  The settings, key props, storytelling style, and action sequences were all utterly original, unlike anything I’d seen before.  It was the equal of any James Bond movie in terms of dazzling action, larger than life villains, and knockout special effects.  What a movie!  I just wish I’d seen it on the big screen!  See you soon!

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