Caprica: Will it Rock?

The new prequel to the awesome show Battlestar Galactica premieres Friday night on SyFy…and my expectations could not be any lower.  Though, at first, I was seriously jazzed about the idea of the prequel, titled Caprica, I’ve since read enough about it to think it won’t be up to snuff.  It looks like it has a bare minimum of science fiction trappings.  Plus, the creators have talked about it being more of a “family drama” than anything else.  The promos look fairly crappy, too.  But the good thing about low expectations is that they’re sometimes overturned in the end.  Sometimes, the show or movie or book turns out to be great or at least pretty good, and I’m pleasantly surprised.  So I’m secretly holding out hope for Caprica.  After all, it does have two saving graces:  the Galactica creative team, and Esai Morales, who was so awesome on NYPD Blue years ago.  Let’s see how this puppy shakes out, shall we?  I will happily admit my expectations were way off base if that’s the case.  See you soon!

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