Today was a warm, sunny day in central Pennsylvania, and I loved it!  Temperatures were downright balmy for this winter, reaching into the 40s, and the sun was out almost all day!  Everywhere we went, we saw (and heard) the signs of snow melting.  It was great, with the kind of intense winter we’ve been having, to get a little break in the action and clear out some of the piled-up white stuff.  Sunday, apparently, we’re in for a bit of the ol’ slop again, but at least we got a taste of spring today to tide us over till the real thing arrives.  It was perfect weather for driving to Altoona for some fine dining (Cracker Barrel) and quality shopping (JCPenney and Macy’s).  Felt good to get away for a few hours and get a change of scenery.  So much for cabin fever…at least for now!  I hope you enjoyed some Thawsday fun, too.  See you soon!

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