500 Pages!

Time to celebrate another milestone in my current project.  I just crossed the 500-page mark in the script I’m writing for a young adult fantasy graphic novel!  That’s 500 pages of script, not finished artwork, but still, I consider it an accomplishment.  When I started this project back in November, I’d never written a graphic novel or comic book script this long; I wasn’t sure how it would work out…but it’s working.  I’m having a ton of fun with this project, and now I’m coming up on the home stretch.  I’ve got about 100 more script pages (50 or so finished artwork pages) to go, and then the graphic novel will be ready to mail.  And that will be another day to celebrate!  Because it’s always cause for celebration when I release a new book or story into the world…and when I’m set to launch into the next exciting project.  Because that, my friend, is what makes writing not just bearable, but fun, in good times and bad.  See you soon!

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