Bill and Brea

This evening, Wendy and I had dinner with some good friends of ours:  the author Bill Keith and his girlfriend, Brea Ludwigson.  We met, as usual, at the local Mexican place, Rey Azteca, for a bunch of great conversation and catching up.  Hard to believe, but we hadn’t seen them for months; time sure slips away fast when things are busy.  We had a great time, though, and hope to get together again soon.

Bill has dozens of novels to his credit, including a recent New York Times bestseller written with Stephen Coonts.  Check out his website right here.  He has written many books under many different names, so you might just have read his work already and you don’t even know it.  He’s an old-school powerhouse pro and a heck of a nice guy.  See you soon.

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