Same Old Hangup

In spite of the discipline I employ in my writing life, I’m still having trouble with the same old hangup:  writing two different fiction projects simultaneously.  I can write nonfiction on the day job and fiction at night, no problem, because they’re so different.  But it’s a struggle writing, say, a novel and short stories at the same time.  I know it’s just fear and poor time management, though.  There’s no rational reason for me to have this issue.  That’s why I’m determined to pulverize it this year!  Because I absolutely need to be able to work on multiple fiction projects at once.  That’s just how the writing career works.  Assignments for new projects come up while you’re in the middle of another project; you can’t stop the current project, and you don’t want to lose the new assignments.  So I’m going to work harder and smarter in weeks to come and try to beat this bugaboo for once and for all!  See you soon.

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