While My DVR Gently Weeps

Why is my DISH Network DVR weeping?  Because it’s overloaded with shows and movies, and February sweeps is fast approaching!  I kept imagining that at some point, probably during the holidays, Wendy and I would sit down and plow through some of the material on the DVR…but that never happened.  Now, I’ve got fewer than 50 available recording hours out of the 150-hour capacity.  Since I’m not likely to find any extra time to watch a bunch of hours by February, I’m thinking I’ll have to start making some tough choices.  I’ll just have to delete some of the lesser lights, free up those hours, and keep on rolling.  And I will make time to watch some of my favorites and clear them off the hard drive:  Dollhouse, Being Human, Doctor Who, and The Prisoner.  Decisions, decisions.  I can tell you this much, though:  I love my DISH network DVR, and I’m glad we got it!  It makes my life so much easier in general.  No more fumbling around with videotapes or recording lists scribbled on legal pads.  Welcome to the 21st century, baby!  Onward and upward!  See you soon!

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