Writing-Free Saturday

Once in a while, an unexpected writing-free day comes along…and today was one of them.  I started the day with some snow removal…then drove an hour and a half to meet my brother, Scott, for Panera Bread goodies and the movie Avatar.  (We meet for a movie every 4-6 weeks midway between his home in Pittsburgh and mine in Johnstown.)  Then, I drove home, arrived around 6:00, went to dinner with Wendy at a favorite local Italian place, and followed that with a trip to Wal-Mart (which was packed).  Afterward, I had to do some work to get the washing machine running; it had a clogged filter in the cold water line.  Which brings us to 10PM and a few things yet to do before calling it a day.  And that means I’ve had a writing-free Saturday.  It really eats at me; I know people who haven’t missed a day of writing for years.  But I’m not one of those people.  Once in a while, circumstances get in the way.  And to be perfectly honest, that’s okay this time around.  I had a fantastic time with my brother, I loved Avatar, and I had a great dinner with Wendy.  Tomorrow will be busy, too, but I know I’ll pick up the slack then.  So let’s keep moving onward and upward and not berate ourselves for the occasional dropped ball.  C’est la vie.  See you soon.

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