Here in Johnstown, it’s been a while since we’ve had an old-fashioned winter.  For the past few years, the winters have been quite mild, with just a few real blasts of wintry crap.  But this year, as in many parts of the country, we’re getting some winter.  Today, for example, it just snowed all day.  Now, so far, the snow has been coming in inches, not feet, per day…but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time till the feet kick our butts.  Even the inches are plenty, to tell you the truth.  Yesterday and today, we got several fresh inches each day!  Today, I had to clear the driveway and sidewalk twice.  My new morning routine is to wake up, go outside, clear snow for a half-hour, then come in and get ready for work.  I’ve had enough!

Just one good side to all this, that I can see (in addition to increased revenues for ski resort owners).  Our mild winters of the past few years have been accompanied by crappy, cool, damp summers…so maybe the summer of 2010 will truly rock!  And that would be something to see here in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where the summers as a rule tend to the exceedingly crappy and brief side.  Fingers crossed for a great summer!  See you soon!

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