Captain Midnight Strikes Again!

The world of fiction writing can be an uncertain place.  Sometimes, projects that seem to be a sure thing fizzle and die (with or without explanation).  Other times, projects I think are dead come back to life…and that’s a cause for celebration.  Such a presumed dead project recently popped back up into being.  At least it looks that way.  A few years ago, I wrote a story, “Shipwreck in the Sky,” for a Captain Midnight anthology from Moonstone Books.  It was a really cool project, boning up on the great radio show hero of the 30s and 40s, Captain Midnight, and bringing him back in a wild new adventure!  But then the book faded off the radar and seemed for the longest time like it was dead.

Cut to December 2009, when I found the book listed in a catalogue online!  Apparently, Captain Midnight Chronicles is now set for a May 2010 release.  As I’ve learned the hard way, that could still change…but for now, I’m choosing to celebrate the possible resurrection of a project, and a story, I once thought dead.  Especially since I have such a cool cover image to show you!  Enjoy, and see you soon!

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