The 400 Mark

Today, I passed a milestone in the graphic novel I’m writing…the 400-page mark in the script!  In terms of actual finished pages, as they’ll appear when illustrated, that comes out to about 184 pages.  So I’m also knocking on the 200-finished-page mark as well.  Milestones like this provide a real shot of encouragement when I’m writing a lengthy work like this.  Celebrating them is the only way I manage to see long projects through to the end.

So I’m just about at the two-thirds mark for completing the current graphic novel.  About a hundred finished pages to go…200 or so script pages, in other words.  If I stay on track with my current level of production, I ought to finish sometime in February.  And that will be a major cause for celebration!  Full steam ahead!  Onward and upward!  See you soon!

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