Shave it!

My Twitter serial, Shave, now appears with brand-new installments daily on Thaumatrope, the Twitter-zine of fantasy, science fiction, and much more.  If you haven’t checked it out already, I hope you’ll jump aboard ASAP and enjoy the excitement!  If you have a Twitter account, search for Thaumatrope, then follow it; you’ll see my Shave installments pop up once or twice per day through the month of January.  You can also follow me personally on Twitter by searching for and following my name, @TheFictioneer.  I’ve been “re-tweeting” the Shave posts so far, sending them to all my followers, so you can read them that way, too (as long as I remember to re-tweet each one).  So be sure to get out there and start grooving on the Twitterific goodness of Shave and all the other great stuff Thaumatrope has to offer.  See you soon!

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