Why You Need To Tweet

Okay, it’s time.  If you’re not on Twitter already, please take a half-hour between now and New Year’s Day and get yourself signed up.  I know, I know:  Isn’t Twitter a silly waste of time?  What can anyone possibly have to say in 140 characters that’s important enough to read?  What do you care what so-and-so had for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

The truth is, I used to say those exact same things myself.  I remember swearing I would never tweet.  Facebook and MySpace were one thing, but I was never going to stoop to joining Twitter.  Well, I stand before you now and admit I was wrong.  Twitter is worth your time.

Especially in January.  Starting January 1, you can read my Twitter serial, Shave, on Thaumatrope, the Twitter magazine of fantasy and science fiction.  This is a first for me…my first Twitter serial.  I had a lot of fun writing it, and I think you’ll get a kick out of reading it, too, because it’s out there.  Almost every day through the month of January, you’ll be able to read one or two chapters of Shave on Twitter.  So please, get yourself signed up on Twitter, search for and “follow” Thaumatrope, and enjoy the fun of Shave, starting January 1.  You won’t be sorry.

And in the long term, I think you’ll enjoy being part of the Twitter community.  It’s a fun place with something for everyone…the perfect place to drop a quick note, check out what other people have to say, and enjoy some really, really short fiction!  You’ll thank me later.  See you soon!

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